Younome portrays The Human Genome in a novel yet informed way, with each self portrait characterized in
some way by the associated chromosome.

The portraits were exhibited in numerous shopfronts along The King's Mile in Canterbury throughout
The Canterbury Festival. Each portrait measures 20" x 16".

This is an ongoing collaboration between myself and Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics at The University of Kent,
with the help and advice of my brother, Dr. Gary Robinson (Senior Lecturer and Senior Commercialization Manager
The University of Kent), the expert photography of Robert Gravenor and also further assistance from Robbie Sutton
(Professor of Social Psychology - The University of Kent).

Further Information and Images can be found on
With links to my collaborators below
Darren Griffin
Gary Robinson
Robbie Sutton

Professor Darren Griffin has also been looking at the possibilities of creating a personalized genome portrait
for any face.